Party time!

One of the little boys at a playgroup we go to was having a party today which we went along to!  It was really good, it was in a softplay centre so loads of room for them all to run around in!  As usual Caitlin went round and round and down the slide…


Then it was time for party food.  The food was vegetarian so was great for Caitlin…. They had a big plate of chopped veg and another of chopped fruit which she could have any of.  There was cucumber sandwiches and hummus ones too which had a bit of marg on but I let her have those as I’m sure she’ll be ok with that amount of milk.  Also there was potato wedges which she could have!  Noah was fascinated by the balloons that had floated to the ceiling!!


After the food there was time for a bit more playing before we were thrown out on the dot of the party finish time!  In fact that was the only bad bit of the party really…..




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2 responses to “Party time!

  1. HA! I love that last photo! Where is this place- will have to give it a try now that the weather is getting REALLY cold. We’re supposed to be getting snow on Wednesday!!

  2. It was head over heels!! But they have fixed the broken bit up the top… Not sure about the ball blowing thing though??!

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