Thank you Nan!!

Our postie has just been with a parcel for Caitlin and Noah….they got to work straight away opening it….


Inside was an advent calendar and a really cool miniature Christmas tree….


And so we made it and now its sat on our fireplace!!  I know its a tiny bit early for Christmas trees but I’ve been dying to put ours up for ages!!  I’m very close to finishing my shopping and I can’t wait to wrap them all and put them under the tree although I have a feeling I may need to take them back from under the tree once a certain little Noah spies them……  Here they both are with the finished tree.  Caitlin has very wild hair in the morning, I might try to get a better picture tomorrow.  We’re off out to the Christmas Markets today and then I have my first Christmas do outing to Chiquitos!!!


So Happy Christmas everyone…only 27 days to go!!  Hopefully Richard will find out his shifts soon so we can make plans and get really excited!!!!!!


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One response to “Thank you Nan!!

  1. Julia

    27 days?!??! Yikes…..I’m nowhere near ready.

    When Aidan was about 3 he called our Christmas tree the ‘magic tree’ because presents kept appearing under it. Of course he did keep opening things though!

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