Out and about…

We’ve been out and about recently but I haven’t taken many pictures!  Over the weekend we just did some shopping….I think we have almost all of our Christmas shopping now, well Christmas supplies…still need to turn those into presents!  Yesterday we went out for lunch which was good and Linda took some pic’s of E, Caitlin and Noah with Elvis….  I took one shot the same as her but mine is a bit duller so I’ll show you my close up (to see a better version go over to Chronicles of squidgyboo)…..


Today we’ve been out doing more shopping with Nanny, Grandad and Amy!  I did all the shops so now I am ready to do the Christmas markets with Linda on Friday!  I only have one person left to buy for and thats Richard….hmmmmm I have no idea what to get him….

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  1. LOL I love the name change, guess thats the one problem with the URL though (not related to the post i know )

    Hope you are not doing to much with all this christmas shopping . The pictures are all great though, Lindy is wonderful . Your kids all make adorable subjects though

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