To sell or not to sell!!

Today we have a viewing on the house!!  It really couldn’t have come at a worse time and since its such bad timing sods law says he will love it and offer an acceptable amount!  There is no way we can turn a good offer down but an offer is so inconvenient at the moment!!

We have two good reasons to accept an offer…

1. Buyers are hard to come by at the moment!

2. It will clear our mortgage again!

I have about a million reasons why selling is not good at the moment!…

1. We have 3 mini’s, a mini trailer and a stretch mini van which do not even come close to fitting at our new house!

2. We have a garage FULL of stuff (big stuff! like pool table, bed, bikes etc) that doesn’t fit in our new house!

3. Our new house is no where even close to habitable!

4. Our new house has no chance of being habitable before we would have to complete on this house even if we really drag it out!

5. We have just shelled out £2000 on sorting financing on our house which would be money down the drain!

I know that isn’t a million reasons (although numbers 1 & 2 are major and count for lots more than their one each suggests!!) but I’m so distracted looking for dust and dirt I can’t think of more!  Only 2 of our friends truly appreciate the scale of numbers 1 & 2…they have mini’s and have been near to our garage – you can’t get in it it’s so full..and it is not a small garage!!  I have had an offer of a temp home for 1 mini but 2 of our mini’s have no wheels so I have no idea how we could transport them somewhere!

Ahhh well I’m sure I will be posting more once Mr Lee has been this afternoon…maybe all this panicking will be unnecessary….

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