Playing in the trees!

Today we played in the park and made Caitlin sit in a tree to have her picture taken!  I didn’t get any good ones (as usual!) but I think Linda did… 


Noah spent a lot of time splashing in the muddy puddles and just generally getting filthy!  He fell over in the mud several times…


When he fell over this time he even got mud on his tongue!!!!!!!!!!!  Only Noah!!!


He also tried to drink the fish pond water..well that’s what it looked like!!!!!!


My best photo was taken in a bush…my camera is definitely all wrong (and stuck I and no-one else can change the settings..I’ve had a lot of people try!!!!)!!!



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  1. I have sooo many photos from yesterday! I’m in the middle of editing them, I’ll let you know when they’re ready for stealing! Esme was good yesterday so you might have a point about cabin fever. Although I do think she’s smack dab in the middle of terrible two’s! Everything is good as long as she’s doing what she wants!! Ha! Fancy going to town next week for the Christmas market?

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