Ill and mini outing!

On Friday we went to the baby show which was great…loads of freebies, although I did miss out on the best one a little doll from the comfort advert, we got an extra pack of washing powder in our bag 😦

Then last night Caitlin was ill.  She threw her tea up as Richard was cleaning her teeth…yuk!  Then she was sick again at about 9 so we had to move her into the cabin bed which she seemed to enjoy sleeping in (good really since it’ll be hers before May!!) but it was an unsettled night, she got up a few more times saying her tummy hurt.  This morning though she was full of beans and ate her breakfast so we decided to still go on our mini outing….

We were driving to Wrexham to meet an old club member who has moved away.  As usual driving with the mini club was a bit painful!  They are soooooo slow!  And they stop far too much, although today they only stopped twice first time after about 1 minute of driving God knows why and second time because they thought we had broken down because we flashed…I flashed a car to come onto the dual carriage way at an entrance!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We went to a chippy for dinner and then drove back!  The chippy was a bit odd, it was in the back room of a pub with no chippy counter to be seen…I’m convinced they just pop up the road to get your order!!  But Caitlin and Noah had fun, Noah kept shouting “mini” every time a mini came into sight (quite often!!)


Talking of mini’s…on tonights X-factor Daniel had a mini in his performance…so I have voted for him ha ha!!  Actually I secretly liked him anyway but not enough to vote until now!!!

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