Urbis and Missmass lights

Yesterday we went into town to meet E and her Mum and go to Urbis for the afternoon….

There was only one exhibit on at the moment and it really wasn’t very child friendly, not in the Matthew Williamson – do not touch the very delicate and expensive dresses – way, more the content…  It was all about racism and had videos of demonstrations and racial attacks!  The 3 kids were oblivious to what it was all about and were quite happy to dance to the video soundtracks even if the headphones did squash their faces!!!


They also did some colouring….


After some tea we went to watch the Christmas lights being switched on….  It had all changed this year and so we ended up right in the middle of the crowd which was a bit hectic but still good.  We saw Leon Jackson and Gemma from Hollyoaks!  Then there was the best bit the fireworks!  They were great as usual, but not surprisingly my photo is awful!!


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  1. Really wish I could have joined you, but you know, Daniel Craig and all that… we’re off into town in a minute so I can show SH my new office 🙂 and hopefully see the lights before we come home.

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