Glitter and fire!!

Yesterday we went round to play with Squidge.  Her Mum is brave and let them all play with glitter!!  Luckily it’s washable as Noah is messy and wiped it all over his t-shirt!!


After some lunch we went to play in the park and while we were there a fire engine arrived for a call in the next street so we went out to look and they let us have a look inside and gave us stickers!


They also twirled around lots, which Noah loved!  Look at his face on this photo Linda took (thank you Linda for the pic)!!!


(I’m still bitter about my camera being stolen, my new one takes rubbish pictures in comparison!  Its nearly a year since mine got pinched and I still miss it!!)  Noah also liked going on the swings too….



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  1. I tried soo hard to get a photo of all of them giggling and looking toward(ish) the camera. No luck but still those with Noah are fantastic. He was really really enjoying the spinning

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