Birthday cake???

Today we had the strangest birthday cake ever!!!!

Yes it is a pumpkin!!!!!!  They had a great time scooping the middle out…

….and once we were done and put our tea lights in they both started saying it was a birthday cake and trying to blow the candles out!!!  I have no idea how you are supposed to get the pumpkin flesh out in order to make something with it…it was rock solid and I cut my thumb trying to get it out so I just had to make soup.  I had intended to make a few different things out of it but I hardly got any!


I also forgot to mention my other news…there’s too much excitement going on here at the moment with 2 babies and a derelict house!  I have also been asked to be God Mother to Harry!!  I am so chuffed, I’ve never been a God Mother before so I can’t wait!


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  1. Ha, my pumpkin is under the coffee table. Squidge has been using it as a stool and sits on it while she watched TV.

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