Look what we’re getting……

Ha ha…yes that’s what it looks like!! We’re getting a brother or sister for Caitlin and Noah around May 22nd!!!  Caitlin wants a sister and apparently it’s called “good girl” – I think that is her standard answer to what a baby will be called since Harry was called good and her new cousin is also going to be called good!!  Noah said he wants a brother but as long as he is allowed to cuddle him/her constantly he really won’t care!!  It doesn’t matter what we have we have clothes for either, but a good one would be preferable!!!

We had our scan yesterday but I wanted to make sure Richard had got hold of all of his family before posting on here.  The scan and booking appointment was really quick but getting my blood was a nightmare!  The midwife tried with no success so I waited 45 mins to see a Dr who also failed!  Then I was sent to the blood people (can’t remember how to spell their title!) and one refused to try but the 2nd one got some first time!  She said next time to go straight to them since the Dr and midwife had messed up both arms trying!!  Apart from a scan in January my next appointment isn’t until March!!!!!!!!!  That seems like an awful long time off but I like not being harassed so I’m quite happy, and they’ve agreed to another home birth which is good since with Noah they were really funny about it which I found very strange since I’d had one with Caitlin with no probs.   Although this time Richard is insisting we have a midwife there for the birth….think his nightmares might have come back since we found out about this little one!!!

We saw Harry last night as well and Noah spent the whole time sneaking strokes of his head and trying to get closer to him!!!



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3 responses to “Look what we’re getting……

  1. Again CONGRATS!! I’m hoping it’s a May 14th Birthday!

  2. SCM

    Congats! I saw the news and had to come over here and post on your blog too.

  3. Congrats hun, will write more when i get a second ,.

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