Jitterbugs and more fame!!

We’ve been out playing to Jitterbugs with Abigail and Katie!  We had a great day, especially me and Gemma who just sat around the whole time as all the kids happily played on their own!

Trying to get a picture was virtually impossible….I took this…

and then this happened!!!!!!!!

they all threw themselves off!!!!  So then we moved onto lying down…..

..then we tried them sitting again, but by this point they were a little over excited!!!!!!!!!!

On our way home we stopped off at Ikea to pick up the latest catalogue which Caitlin and Noah have been chosen to model on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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One response to “Jitterbugs and more fame!!

  1. WOWIE!!! How did you manage to get Caitlin and Noah on the cover?? Soo funny, Simon and I had a big laugh over it. Soo darn cute!

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