Pumpkin Olympics!

Today witch Caitlin and dracula Noah went to the pumpkin olympics!!  First of all we tried apple bobbing but Caitlin just looked at me like I was mad for sticking my head in a bowl of water!  And Noah just kept prodding the apples so they bobbed about in the water!  Then we tried pumpkin shot-put which was much more successful!  Caitlin threw hers just over a metre and won herself a medal….

Noah walked his to the 3 metre mark and also got a medal!! We then moved onto pumpkin bowling!  Again Noah didn’t really get it… this is his try….approaching the skittles…

and then just knocking them all down by hand!!!!

He decided he really liked knocking the skittles down and so gave Caitlin a helping hand on her go too!!!

In fact he ran over trying to help everyone!!  Then he tried to pinch all the balls from the pumpkin “coconut shy”…. I had to call him away so many times the guy running the stand knew his name…ooop’s!!  We then went inside the hall on a spider hunt where we spotted 11 spiders.

Then it was back to the apple bobbing where Caitlin got an apple and so won some sweets!  Noah charmed the lady and so he got some too, double in fact!

After all of that it was home time…

We’d been given some pumpkins (watch out for carvings later this week!!) but Linda wasn’t happy with hers so we used a little distraction to swap for a better looking one…

Any pumpkin recipes also gratefully received!!  The rain held off and the kids had a great time at the olympics, can’t wait for the fireworks display now…..just need to find one!


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