We’re mad…we’ve done it!!!!

We’ve bought the house we went to look at this morning!!!!!  We only decided to look for plan B a few days ago and this is the only option we have looked at!!!

It is a complete wreck and needs gutting… for example here is the “kitchen”

and here is the bathroom Richard thinks the taps look like udders!!!!!!

It also needs completely rewiring, central heating putting in and we also want to knock down a wall or two!!   All in all it is a bit of a risk financially and we’ll be very skint while we’re doing the work but if we pull it off it’ll put us in a really good position once the housing market recovers, and I am very very excited!!!!!!!!!!

In order to make the financial stretch a little easier I have applied for  job just around the corner from our new house!  Its a very nice pub so I hope they get back to me…and soon too!!!!!!  (can you tell I’m an impulsive and impatient person???)


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