Swimming and houses….

Today Caitlin has finally been swimming!!!!!!!  Since before she was born Richard has been promising to take her swimming, the initial plan being he would go every Sunday!!  Today was the first time she went!  That’s only 3 years later than planned!!

Today we have also been to see a mortgage consultant about our plan B!  Plan A is obviously the house we love and would fit us for a long time to come, but since we still haven’t had a viewer on ours that’s not looking possible until the market picks up!  So plan B is to buy another smaller house in the right area for schools, we have seen a brilliant house which needs gutting in just the right area but we weren’t sure if it was financially possible…  But the mortgage man said yes!!!  In fact he was really positive that our calculations were all workable and so we are going for a viewing tomorrow!!!!!!!!!  Actually we went spying through the windows today and took a sneaky look in the garden and store room!!! Look out for an update!

I love the idea of doing somewhere up as it will mean we can add some value and so at the very least stay with the market if not leap a bit ahead since we can keep ours, afterall houses are slightly lower in price at the moment so now is a good time to buy!  So keep your fingers crossed for us!

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  1. Vic

    oooooh how exciting! Congratulations!

    Whereabouts is it? Mail me, if you don’t want to put it on here! 🙂


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