I know she’s a girl…

but Caitlin has a stupid amount of clothing!!!!!  I counted her clothes this morning and despite the fact I have packed away 3 carrier bags of clothes this week (mainly of things that still fit but are summery) and also packed a whole bin bag FULL of clothes for the charity shop (also things that fitted but she never wears for various reasons)…..  Caitlin still has…

32 pairs of socks, 29 pairs of knickers, 9 pairs of PJ’s, 4 winter dresses, 8 skirts, 10 short sleeved t-shirts, 17 long sleeved t-shirts, 11 jumpers and 7 coats not including her rain coat or her coat that she keeps at Nanny’s house!!!!!!!!!!  That doesn’t include and clothes at the bottom of the washing basket although thats quite empty at the mo!! It also doesn’t include clothes she’s got that are still too big for her!!

She also has 3 pairs of wellies (although they are getting a bit small), a pair of boots, 2 pairs of trainers and a pair of crocs.  She actually has very few shoes at the moment but her feet have grown a lot recently!!

And I wonder why I can never find a spare hanger or any room in her drawers!!!!!!!

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  1. I’ll have to count Squidge’s undies, I went a bit bonkers buying them when I was in the US. I just got rid of a bunch of stuff and sent it to my friends daughter Cate so she doesn’t have too much now!! It’s just so much easier to buy for girls I think.

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