Sock overload!!

A while back Nan sent some money to buy Caitlin and Noah some new socks.  So yesterday I got Noah some Roary socks as Roary is his favourite at the moment, well along with “dob da” (that’s bob the builder for those of you that don’t speak Noah!!)  Here he is modelling his socks….  he has drifter on his feet and roary on his hands.  He often wears socks on his hands!!

Caitlin on the other hand has 32 pairs of socks!!!!!!  Yes 32!!!!!!!!!!!!  And that doesn’t include her trainer socks which I packed away as they won’t fit next summer!!!!!!!  Oh or any pairs of tights she has, which is about 10!!  In fact she has a ridiculous amount of clothes, I might count up her t-shirts etc and post about that too!!  So I decided she didn’t really need socks (maybe for years!!)   So I let her chose what she was spending her money on and this is what she picked………

Its a racing car cushion!  She doesn’t look overjoyed about it in the photo but she was very very pleased with it when she picked it, she doesn’t like having to share it with Noah though!   She’d spotted it a while before I said she could pick something with her money, and that was her first request when I said she could buy something… So thank you Nan for our presents, hope you like what we bought!


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  1. Poor Noah- sockless compared to Caitlin!!

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