Never work with children, animals or aunties!!!!

I think Caitlin really looks like Amy (my sister) when she has her hair tied back and today when we met her for dinner I tried to take some pictures to show this……

This was take 1…….

and this was take 2 …..

and at take 3 I gave up…….

There were actually more than 3 takes but they were really bad…of closed eyes or looking totally the wrong way….  I couldn’t get a good one of them both just smiling and looking into the camera!  They don’t actually look as similar as I thought in my head when I look at these pics, but someone else commented on how alike they look today too so maybe if I ever manage to get both of them sitting still you may be able to see it!

We also did a bit of shopping and I managed to find a few Christmas bargains and also buy supplies for our other Christmas top secret projects!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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2 responses to “Never work with children, animals or aunties!!!!

  1. I have not even thought of Christmas shopping yet, you really are organised 🙂

    I think the pictures turned out cute , i really love the first one.

  2. I she does look a little like her- only cuter! just kidding auntie!

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