Train ride to Blackpool

Yesterday I was mistaken in thinking the weather looked ok!  So we rearranged our Blackpool trip that kept being put off due to bad weather!  We were going with E who doesn’t live close to the train station and so doesn’t go on the train very often, so we’d decided to go anywhere on a train and that anywhere was Blackpool so we could see the lights as well!

The train was really full and we struggled to get a seat….in the end we did!

And yes that is rain on the window!!!!  The rain got heavier and heavier as we got closer to Blackpool!  When we arrived it was pretty torrential and we got soaked just walking to the North Pier….  At the pier we had a play in the arcades…

I think E’s mum was a bit shocked at how rough and grotty Blackpool is…so we moved on from the arcade!  We were just near the tower so we went over to have a look at how much it was to go inside….

There seemed to be some things to do inside so off we went!  First of all we went to the jungle jim half way up the tower…seemed a bit of a cop out really to travel all the way to Blackpool and go to a soft play which we could have done at home but there isn’t much else to do in the rain in Blackpool!  It was the strangest layout I’ve ever come where for prams or to sit really!!

You can’t really get to the top of the tower with a pram so we went back downstairs to the aquarium.

…and then to another arcade…that’s what Blackpool is all about really!  Arcades, lights and chips!

It was then time to move onto the chips before the lights switch on!  This is were the day fell apart!!!  We waited to get into Harry Ramsdens and then it took over an hour for our food to arrive!!!!  Caitlin refused to even touch hers…turns out she’s got a cold!  It took so long for the whole chips process that we were only just getting our food when the lights were switched on!  I pointed them out to Caitlin, Noah and E who all looked out of the window and then the miserable old people sitting next to us instantly shut the blinds so no more lights watching for us!!!!!!! Noah thoroughly enjoyed getting his peas all over his face…

We finally finished and set off for the train, stopping to take a quick photo of the lights in the now gale force winds!

When we got to the train station it turned out my watch had decided to lose time so we just missed our train home and the next one was over an hours wait!  We finally made it home at 11.30 after our connection was delayed!!!!!!



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3 responses to “Train ride to Blackpool

  1. OMG I was soo wet! I can’t believe all the things that happened there. It was almost comic. I’m still a little pissed off at the restaurant!! Almost 2 hrs for fish and chips!! Oh well it was an adventure and I had a good time.

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  3. maria

    Thanks for the heads up…I’ll stick to watching it on TV.. 🙂

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