Halloween presents!!

Caitlin and Noah have been getting some halloween presents!  On Wednesday they got some dressing up outfits off Nanny….  Caitlin’s witch outfit was a bit small so we’ll have to swap that, but here she is in Noah’s dracula outfit!!!!

As you can see Noah is not happy in the background!!  I couldn’t get him to try the dracula outfit on even after Caitlin had tried it…  He just goes mad whenever he see’s a dracula costume!!  I also bought him a dracula outfit (which was a really bad fit and so was going back!) and he won’t go near that either!!  He is happy to be a witch though…..

He’s going to love us for that photo later in life!!!

Then yesterday they got a parcel from Nan with more Halloween goodies!!!!  They got pumpkin cups and also some sticker books.  As usual Noah preferred to stick the stickers on his face than in the book but never mind….

Nan also sent some money so we’ll have to go shopping with that as well….

They also got some halloween stickers off Tina….

So thank you to everyone for the halloween pressies!!!!!!!


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One response to “Halloween presents!!

  1. Vic

    I love the photos. Noahs one is superb. What a beautiful princess he would make! he he


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