Chorlton water park

The weather was nice and sunny so we braved Chorlton water park!  When we eventually found it…we went on the swings…

And then we went for a walk around the lake….  We got lapped quite a few times since we had 3 of them stopping to inspect things, take steps backwards etc etc.  But it was good.

Half way round the lake some people gave us some bread to feed to the ducks so we went in search….

Soon after this picture the duck nibbled E’s fingers!!!!!!!!!!!

Noah was feeling brave still though and kept chasing the ducks!

It was a really nice day and we’ll be going back so long as the weather stays ok!


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2 responses to “Chorlton water park

  1. Vic

    Those aren’t ducks! They are Canadian geese… ugh, I hate them!

    If I’d been there, I’d have run off! They scare me!

    Looks great. Its years since I went to CWP!

  2. Ha ha…we did have the are they geese or ducks conversation! Linda did say some were Canadian geese but I didn’t think she said those ones d’oh!!

    So ignorant with my bird types lol! No hope for C & N!!

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