Birthdays and town!

Yesterday morning we went back to Head over Heels for someones birthday.  This is what I got when I asked Noah to smile!!!!

…one scrunched up face!  (you can see on this pic how worn out the place is..)

Noah also had a great time being blown about by the air machine…

After that we went into town to meet Nanny… we had dinner and did a bit of shopping and started sorting out Christmas lists!  On our way home we saw some Red Indians performing…

Noah was fascinated by them and was dancing along with them.  Caitlin refused to get out of the pram and said they were scary!



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2 responses to “Birthdays and town!

  1. You went back!! I’m looking forward to going to the one where you get a cup of tea and a biscuit!!

  2. I know lol!!!! I’m such a hypocrite!!!!

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