The AA are rubbish!!!

We are big fans of the AA (I do mean the AA as in Automobile Association NOT alcoholics anon!!), they regularly rescue me and my fleet of minis!  Caitlin returned from her 1st birthday party on the back of an AA recovery truck, and both Caitlin and Noah have met the AA on other occasions too!  The time I was most impressed with them was when I was 2 weeks off having Noah and my car caught fire, well was smouldering.  I told them I was 9 months pregnant and they were there in minutes!!!!!  By that time the smouldering had stopped and all was ok..but they were very quick!  I also have a savings account with them.  We have a patrolman Pete and his books, we have AA toy van’s, etc etc

So for Caitlin’s Christmas present we decided to buy her a motorised AA bike and I ordered it direct from the AA at the beginning of August.

It arrived but was all smashed in at the front.  Alarm bells should have started ringing right then as the broken bits weren’t in the bag therefore it must have been broken before it was packed….  So I called them, they apologised and arranged a replacement…..

Replacement arrived and guess what….the motorised part of it didn’t work….. Arrrrghhhhh…..  So again I called and they collected it a replacement would be on the way!

No replacement arrived so 2 weeks ago I called again and they said “Oh we weren’t sure if you wanted a refund or a replacement” I said replacement!  But IF they weren’t sure shouldn’t they have called or emailed to check?????????

So 2 weeks later and guess what …. STILL no replacement!!!!!!!!!  So again I called….  Aparently they were all broken so they have withdrawn them!!!!!!  That’s fine, if the batch is all faulty they should withdraw them BUT I am very very annoyed no-one thought they should contact me……  What exactly was there plan…were they just going to hold onto my money indefinitely until I realised I hadn’t got a bike, or would there have come a point (obviously more than 2 months after the original order!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) where they would contact me to say they couldn’t fulfil my order?????????????

I am seriously considering swapping to the RAC!!!!!!!!!  Right finished moaning now…off to write to them and complain!!!!!!!


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