Password and outings

The password for the post below is Richards Mum’s maiden name!!!  So no sneaky previews of my Christmas craftings for my other readers!!!!!!!  Don’t worry soon I’ll be posting pictures of family presents so you’ll get a turn of being the ones in the know :-)!

This week we’ve been out and about.  Yesterday we went to Urbis the museum in town but it was shut while they prepare for Fashion Week!  Very inconsiderate especially since it took all of us ages to get there… It took us almost 2 hrs again!  Our bus service really is awful, they are supposed to be every 12 mins yet it took me well over an hour to get a bus…grrrrr

Today we went to Ikea with Cath and Harry!  He is growing well and Caitlin and Noah haven’t stopped talking about him.  Noah was chuffed to bits that he could reach him from his car seat in the car and kept touching his head!  Luckily he wasn’t close enough to touch him too hard!


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  1. Weird! I planned on going to Ikea today too. Last minute I decided I couldn’t be bothered!! Would have been funny if I bumped into you there.

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