Family outing!!

Richards funny shift pattern at work means he’s sometimes off during the week so today we took advantage and went to the museum of science and industry.  We had a great time in the room all about jobs through the ages in Manchester where there was some dressing up outfits!  Noah dressed up as an astronaut and Caitlin dressed up as Roary!!!!!!

Then we went to the xperiment bit and hoisted the mini up!!!

And saw the Vimto exhibition which was pretty poor really… Then it was onto Caitlin’s favourite part of the museum…the engine room!!!!!!!

She loves them, she just stands for ages staring at them!!!!!!  Noah also liked this room as it had lots of trains!

Getting home was a bit of a nightmare as the trains were all cancelled so we had to squeeze on the replacement bus!  It only took us about 3 hrs to make it home!!!!!  Admittedly we did have a 1.5hr break in that travel time where we realised we’d be home way to late for tea so had to go find somewhere to eat…but still 1.5hrs to travel 3 miles isn’t good!!!!!


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