Auto 66 hill climb and sprint finals!

Today we went to see the finals of the Auto 66 finals at Elvington.  Richard knew a few of the people competing from the 16V mini club.  It wasn’t a good track to spectate at as you were only allowed onto the start line and not anywhere around the actual circuit but we still had a good day.   Caitlin and Noah made friends with Madeline and her dog Ruby……

They both loved watching the cars and bikes as well.  Everytime Noah sees a car racing he says “deady doh” which is steady go!!!!!!! Then he stands there shouting brrrmmm and neeooowwwww!!!!

Inbetween the racing they did a bit of racing of their own…..

….and played in Elvis!  Ever the safety concious one Caitlin even put the seatbelt around them both…

Unfortunately Madelines Dad who was in this car….

(and a very nice car it was too) rolled on his last lap because he clipped a hay bale on the edge of a corner!  He is fine but “General Lee” his mini isn’t!!!!!!  The only consolation is that he had managed to improve his times on every lap and won best novice in the competition!!!


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  1. Looks like they had a good time- how many car events do you go to? They always look like so much fun.

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