A visit to Great Grandma

Great Grandma lives on the south coast so we decided as we were so close we’d call in for a visit since she hasn’t met Noah yet….  Richard did try phoning before hand to warn her we were coming but all he got was someone saying hello a lot on the other end.  Turns out she didn’t have “her ears in” and so couldn’t hear us.  She didn’t seem shocked to see us it was as if we call in all the time (the last time we went was when Caitlin was 4 months old!!!!!!!!!!!)  She’s 91 and is still knitting and doing cross stitch etc and apart from a bit of a bad memory is really well.  I thought it was very funny that when she was going through all of the photos of her great grandchildren she said and these are Andrew’s son’s children he’s got a girl and a boy….yep that’ll be Caitlin and Noah the 2 in your garden!!

Getting a photo of both of them with her was virtually impossible, but I did get a good one of her and Noah…


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  1. Looks like the sun was shining on your visit- Noah looks so grown up!

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