Muddy park!

Yesterday we went to the park with E.  It was very muddy and they both had to have a bath as soon as they got in!  Look how wet Noah’s jeans are….

And how muddy Caitlin is…this was right at the beginning of the park trip as well!!!!  (Oh and how cheesy her grin is!)

After we played for a bit since the rain was holding off we had a picnic….

(For my new readers…Hello Donna and Valee!  E is just turned 2…so you can compare how small Caitlin is and how big Noah is!  They are all pretty much the same size!!!!)

We then took our bread that we’d brought and went to feed the ducks….

And more “ducks”….

Yep…not a duck in sight!!!!!!!  Well there were but they seemed to be scared off by the greedy pigeons, so we just fed them!  Noah kept calling them ducks so he was happy and Caitlin was just amazed that they were eating it!!!!!

You can see the ducks hiding in the background of this photo of Noah hanging upside down…..


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