Yet another party!!

(And this isn’t the last !!)  Caitlin had a party at Nanny’s house where she got more presents!  She got a lovely Fifi money box that talks to you, she was very impressed with that.

Then she got another bedding set, which she loves, the living room set for her growing estate (another post on that in a mo!) and a wooden birthday cake.  She spent ages cutting the cake and giving pieces out.  She now has a really good assortment of wooden food to play with…

Noah had fun playing on a ball…..

And then smearing chocolate all over his face during the party food….

Finally it was time for another birthday cake.  Luckily Caitlin stayed far enough away from the candles this time….

She’s had another great day with lots of brilliant presents.  Thank you everyone!!  Just one more celebration to go now….

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  1. what a lucky girl! And she’s still not done with the partying!!

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