Caitlin’s estate…

I think Caitlin has the grandest dolls house set up around…  With her birthday money she bought herself the house and conservatory, she had already been given the stables and horses by Amy for this birthday as well.  Last year she got a beetle, a camper van, patio set and the pets.

Nan had also bought her a little garden complete with vegetables to plant for last Christmas!!

Inside the house is looking a bit dull at the moment…  She has the living room which she got today.  She also has the patio set and pets, but all of  the other rooms just have the plain wood furniture from her cheaper dolls house.   She doesn’t seem to mind actually but it gives us lots of ideas for “mismass” presents!!

She totally loves it all.  And her house is so posh it also has a grand piano up on the first floor!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. wow! what a cool dollhouse!

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