La Princess

La Princess is a 50 foot, 37 tonne metal and wooden spider!!!!!!!!!!  And we braved the rain to go and see it in action!

I thought it was brilliant, it walks along at 2mph and it had musicians playing along in some cherry pickers (obviously with rain covers!) there were violins, drums and even a harp!!  It also foamed at the mouth….

And then it snowed on us, although that didn’t matter since we were totally soaked anyway!!

I was really impressed we got loads closer than I thought we would and Caitlin and Noah both liked it, I thought they would be scared of it….

(that is Noah in the centre of the crowd with the chequered sleeved raincoat on!!)

On a side note… Caitlin must be the deepest sleeper I have ever met!  On night 1 she slept right through in a wet bed, last night we found her asleep on the floor this morning and we think she’d rolled out in the night, but she has a bruise on the side of her eye and a graze on her neck…yet she STILL didn’t wake up!!!!!!  Bizarre!!

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