Beautiful long eyelashes……

…..are now a little singed!!!!!!!  Thats burnt not singing a tune!!!!!!!!!

We took a cake to mini club for Caitlin’s birthday and Caitlin got a little enthusiastic with her candle blowing out….  Richard then thought she had something in her eye but we realised it was her eye lashes slightly singed.  Ooop’s…

Noah loved the cake though…

And so did Caitlin…


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2 responses to “Beautiful long eyelashes……

  1. OMG!! The pitfalls of having loooong eyelashes I suppose. She’s had a week full of birthday celebrations. I wonder if she’s getting tired of cake?!?!

  2. Vic

    He he he!

    I used to end up with singed eyelashes when i was a smoker and the lighter went a bit mental. It looked like I had white eyelashes and was highly embarrassing.

    She obviously didn’t mind, so thats good 🙂 Glad you had a good time!

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