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I passed!

I passed my childminding exam!!  Woohoo!  I was a bit worried when the letter came through because everyone else had got a certificate in an A4 envelope, but I just got a small envelope so thought I’d failed!  But apparently my certificate is to follow….I assume it is very lost in the post and the letter is until they get me another certificate!

Now I just need to decide if I should register at this address or wait until we move…  I keep wondering if I register and get some customers will that jinx us into moving sooner as it’ll all be a bit of a wasted effort??  But then I worry I’ll either get no customers because I can’t give any promise of minding them for a decent amount of time or I’ll get customers who get mad when I give them notice!

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The muddy maze…

We are either brave or stupid! Today we went to the amazing Maize Maze!! Except this year it was a very muddy Maize Maze!!

First of all we went on the tractor ride which is really good…

then we had a bounce on the bouncy castle and went for lunch which took forever!!!!

I lost track of the number of times Noah fell over once we got in the maze, I think he just can’t walk properly in his wellies. We also got lost in the maze and because it was the last thing we did everyone was tired. Noah couldn’t work out if he wanted to walk or be carried and kept wanting to go in the opposite direction to us! We waved our lost flags but no-one came to rescue us but Victoria figured it out…. Which was good considering the tiredness and also the fact that it started raining on us, making the falling over and puddle splashing even more fun!!!!!

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Staying out of the way

Richard is on nights so we have been trying to stay out of the house during the day so he can sleep!!  Yesterday we went shopping and I got a samsonite suitcase with 66% off for Noah for Christmas!

Today we went to Urbis….  Most of the plants in the Urban Garden exhibit were dead as they’d been infested with something!  There was a new exhibit of Manchester’s Greatest.  Noah liked the music as usual…

And Caitlin liked the faceless woman….

Tonight is the last night of nights for this week which is good because the weather is not good for outings!

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Mini in the Park

Today we went to Mini in the Park at Santa Pod!  It was brilliant!  The weather was good although it must have rained quite a bit over night as this is what we were parked next to….

Caitlin and Noah had a fantastic time playing in the puddle, Caitlin was just jumping and jumping and Noah was copying!  I’m sure you can guess what was coming next…yep he jumped and fell over into the water.  So I started videoing….but nothing happened.  So we changed him and were about to set off to watch the minis race when he went into the puddle and fell over again flat on his face!!!!!!!!!!!  Yet again I missed it but here is a picture of him in his fresh clothes but wet again!

The photographer for Mini Magazine took some shots of them so you never know they may be featured in the write up in a few months!

I then went to sign up for racing and Caitlin and Noah headed off to the strip to watch the action….

My times in Elvis weren’t too good, the best I managed was 17.7 seconds which is almost half a second slower than last time.  I couldn’t get my starts right, I just kept wheel spinning and it seemed quite twitchy for the first hundred metres.  Also not helping was the fact I was drag racing with 2 child car seats, 2 travel cots, 2 suitcases, tools, toys and lots of wet clothes………

We also missed the jet car which was a shame, and we hardly saw any of the trade stands, there was just too much to see and not enough time to fit it all in as Richard is on nights tonight so we had to be back in time for that….


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A walk along the Great Ouse river

We were going to Mini in the Park on Sunday so on Saturday we travelled down to Bedford, with Lee and Jenny to stay the night before the show.  In the afternoon we went for a walk along the Great Ouse river.  Bedford seems like a really nice town, the river is really nice. We stopped for an ice-cream where Noah who has never had one before ate his sideways…he was a right mess by the time he had finished…

We did clean him up before we let him sit on Lee’s shoulders… And of course what Noah does Caitlin also likes to do so she sat on Jenny’s shoulders!

We also saw the swans and ducks on the side of the river, Noah would have got in with them if we hadn’t stopped him!!

Caitlin edged near to them but preferred just looking over the bridges..

After our walk we went for a drink where Caitlin got to play a pink ukulele.  It really suited her!!

Then it was time for tea at Nandos before heading back to the B&B to play with the train set and watch the X-Factor!!!!!!!

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We met Fifi….

….at Cheshire Oaks!  It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes of queueing until it was finally our turn to go and hold hands and have a photo taken!!!!!!  And guess what…. BOTH of them ran off scared!!!!!!  Now I expected Caitlin to run away..after all a giant Fifi is still a stranger and strangers aren’t Caitlin’s favourite thing.  But Noah…he’s not afraid of anyone, well normally anyway..but apparently a big Fifi and Bumble are very scary… Here he is running away….

In order to get them anywhere near Fifi I had to go with them meaning I was in the photo…not good!!!!  Although actually if I’d had my eye’s open it would have been a good photo, maybe I can photoshop my eyes in??

Then after the tears and fear of being by Fifi guess what happened?? Yep they both cried because we were going away from Fifi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So we stayed a bit longer on the other side of the barrier…

After that “successful” outing I got some cool t-shirts with mini’s on that they can wear on Sunday and some nice photo’s of them in the flowers beds!

Then I was slightly insanely feeling generous considering my wasted 2hrs on the Fifi saga and I let them go on the rides…

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Baby Kane

Yesterday we went to see baby Kane.  It was his due date yesterday but he was almost 7 weeks old!  He is doing really well and has been home for a few weeks now but is so tiny!  When Caitlin held him he actually looked like a little baby unlike when she held Noah and he looked almost as big as her!!!!!

Both Caitlin and Noah were very taken with him and just kept stroking his face saying he was gorgeous!!

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Caitlin has been doing a lot of growing lately!  She is now 90cm tall, and she was 85cm back in January!!!!!!!!!  Well I thought it was just Caitlin growing as she suddenly seems a lot taller than Noah, but I measured him too and he has also grown 5cm since January.  He was 75cm and is now 80cm.

Caitlin is now 26lbs as well, and Noah is also 26lbs!!!!!!  So she’s maybe about to overtake him for the first time in ages!!!

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Baby loves disco!

or do they??  Neither Caitlin or Noah seemed to LOVE disco!  They did dance and run around but didn’t really seem that into the music, but they were very taken with the “organix” table where they got free organix crisps, cereal bars and raisins.  And they loved their flower balloons….

Noah kept following people round and cathcing their crisps as they dropped them….  Everytime we saw him he had more crisps!

There were prizes for the best dancers but no-one we were with was that enthusiastic about the dancing, so no prizes were won!  Although a young boy did give Noah his prize which was some baby leg warmers…pics of those to follow I’m sure!!  Here’s Caitlin swinging her hips…

Inside Urbis was the “family friendly film fest” which as far as we could see was just a room of DVD’s playing and a room where you could make a Plasticine model and film it.  Richard spent quite some time making his model…

And not sure if you can see with this photo of Caitlin the little man even has his own can of beer!!!

Also at Urbis but not sure if it had anything to do with the film festival or baby loves disco was some colouring….  The sign said it was in aid of Blackpool Illuminations but not sure what it had to do with that either???  Look at how much glitter glue is on Caitlin’s!!!!!!!!!  Needless to say it didn’t survive the journey home….

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Beetles and Campers…

Its VW Northwest at Tatton Park today. We nearly didn’t go as it keeps raining but this morning it looked lovely so we set off. About a mile up the road it started raining then became very heavy…but we’d arranged to meet Spam and Cath so we carried on… Just as we got there it stopped raining and we’ve actually caught the sun. We all got depressed when we went into the for sale part as we haven’t got the room for a camper van but maybe when we move……

Can you imagine us all squashed in this trying to sleep on our hols…. ha ha!!

If we had loads of money and space we’d also have one of these……..

Or maybe a Herbie look-a-like too…….

Once we’d finished looking at the beetles and campers Noah had his first fair ground ride…. I think he was impressed….

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