All night long!

Caitlin stayed in her bed all night long! She didn’t get out once until she woke up at 7am this morning and took herself downstairs. This is actually a bit of a miracle because both of us forgot to put a nappy on her for bed! She climbed into bed on her own rather than one of us having to pick her up so we didn’t notice the bare bum! She is way way way off being toilet trained at night and did have an accident, well not sure its an accident on her part since she’s not dry at night, more an accident that we forgot! So not only did she stay in bed all night long, she stayed in a wet bed all night long! Wow she is a heavy sleeper……

Her duvet does look like it swamps her bed though, but I bet it will be so cosy in winter!

I hope the staying in bed continues…..


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