Art and shoes!

We went back to see Charlie and Lola in the hope we wouldn’t get sent down the fire escape this time!  At least this time Caitlin had remembered and knew who they were!  Her favourite thing was still the phone and desk.

and the kitchen with lots of play food…..

They also had a hola houp bench…I think we need to actually read a Charlie and Lola book to fully appreciate this… (and a lot of the other bit of the exhibition!)

We then went downstairs to the interactive part of the main art gallery where Noah tried on a mask for size..

and Caitlin and E dressed up in very large and strange half suit half Scottish kilt outfits…

As you’ll notice in the photos Caitlin has no shoes on!  This is because when I put her trainers on this morning her toes were right at the very end of them even though she hasn’t had them all that long, well not in comparison to her old boots which she had for a good 10 months before she out grew them!  So we called at clarks on our way to Charlie and Lola and bought some boots.  Caitlin walked for about 5 mins to the Art Gallery then started crying because her feet hurt, when I looked her new boots had rubbed a big hole in her leg.  So she had to go in socks around the gallery and then we took the £38 boots back.  They swapped them no problem at all, well would have swapped them if they could find a single style that I liked that fitted her!  So we got a refund, and now need to go to Cheshire Oaks in search of discount clarks shoes that actually fit!  Maybe after the birthday celebrations……


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