Pizza Friday!

Pizza Friday is going to be our new family tradition!  We quite often have a pizza take away on a Friday night but since I got my breadmaker we’ve been trying to make our own and they are very nice!  Caitlin and Noah loved decorating their own pizzas, including eating some bits along the way!

…and the eating has gone quite well too!!

although when you look at Caitlin’s close up it looks awful…cheezly just does not melt well!  But Caitlin knows no different and has eaten every last bit of her’s.

My recipe says its for 1 large pizza so last time I added a bit since it was for 4 people (well 2 adults and 2 kids) but we were snowed under in pizza!  This time we’ve just followed the recipe and we had 2 kids size pizza’s as above plus what we think is still another 2 fairly large (deep crust) pizza’s…. so God knows what size oven you would need for the ONE pizza they think it makes!!!!!!!!!!!  Here’s our’s with a fork by the right hand one so you can see the size…  The blue tray has markings and that pizza is 11inches according to that!  So that makes two 11 inch  pizzas plus two 5 or 6 inch pizzas!!!!!

But aside from the quanity issues the pizzas are very nice and so is our new tradition!!!


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