Megane Mechanics!

Yes the Megane is yet another of our non-working cars!!!!!!  In fact its the only one of our cars without a name!  Over 18 months ago, before Noah was born, the Megane went through a bit of flooded road and sucked water into its engine and died!  Its been waiting its turn in the fixing queue for a very long time…  Today its turn came and Caitlin and Noah both helped….

Unfortunately the wheel nuts were seized on so Richard spent most of the day trying to get them off….

….and thats pretty much all he got done today.  Apart from some highly illegal things which we can’t talk about!!!!  Hopefully tomorrow and Sunday will be more productive.  He needs to get it done because Benny the Pikey Pug is fast running out of MOT and its highly unlikely he will pass without a struggle!  Plus it would be nice to go on our hols in the Megane as it has more room!


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