The muddy maze…

We are either brave or stupid! Today we went to the amazing Maize Maze!! Except this year it was a very muddy Maize Maze!!

First of all we went on the tractor ride which is really good…

then we had a bounce on the bouncy castle and went for lunch which took forever!!!!

I lost track of the number of times Noah fell over once we got in the maze, I think he just can’t walk properly in his wellies. We also got lost in the maze and because it was the last thing we did everyone was tired. Noah couldn’t work out if he wanted to walk or be carried and kept wanting to go in the opposite direction to us! We waved our lost flags but no-one came to rescue us but Victoria figured it out…. Which was good considering the tiredness and also the fact that it started raining on us, making the falling over and puddle splashing even more fun!!!!!

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  1. Vic

    It was so hard though, wasn’t it. I’m sorry if I got a bit bossy about directions… and that they failed me just at the end!!

    And to think, we only found 3 of those blasted stamps.

    We had a great day.

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