Mini in the Park

Today we went to Mini in the Park at Santa Pod!  It was brilliant!  The weather was good although it must have rained quite a bit over night as this is what we were parked next to….

Caitlin and Noah had a fantastic time playing in the puddle, Caitlin was just jumping and jumping and Noah was copying!  I’m sure you can guess what was coming next…yep he jumped and fell over into the water.  So I started videoing….but nothing happened.  So we changed him and were about to set off to watch the minis race when he went into the puddle and fell over again flat on his face!!!!!!!!!!!  Yet again I missed it but here is a picture of him in his fresh clothes but wet again!

The photographer for Mini Magazine took some shots of them so you never know they may be featured in the write up in a few months!

I then went to sign up for racing and Caitlin and Noah headed off to the strip to watch the action….

My times in Elvis weren’t too good, the best I managed was 17.7 seconds which is almost half a second slower than last time.  I couldn’t get my starts right, I just kept wheel spinning and it seemed quite twitchy for the first hundred metres.  Also not helping was the fact I was drag racing with 2 child car seats, 2 travel cots, 2 suitcases, tools, toys and lots of wet clothes………

We also missed the jet car which was a shame, and we hardly saw any of the trade stands, there was just too much to see and not enough time to fit it all in as Richard is on nights tonight so we had to be back in time for that….



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2 responses to “Mini in the Park

  1. Richard

    Have to go without them next time – or get up earlier!! Would also have to palm our luggage off on someone with a bigger car, or camp !!!!!

  2. Vic

    Sounds like a great day, especially the puddles!!

    Well done to you and Elvis. 🙂

    Vic x

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