A walk along the Great Ouse river

We were going to Mini in the Park on Sunday so on Saturday we travelled down to Bedford, with Lee and Jenny to stay the night before the show.  In the afternoon we went for a walk along the Great Ouse river.  Bedford seems like a really nice town, the river is really nice. We stopped for an ice-cream where Noah who has never had one before ate his sideways…he was a right mess by the time he had finished…

We did clean him up before we let him sit on Lee’s shoulders… And of course what Noah does Caitlin also likes to do so she sat on Jenny’s shoulders!

We also saw the swans and ducks on the side of the river, Noah would have got in with them if we hadn’t stopped him!!

Caitlin edged near to them but preferred just looking over the bridges..

After our walk we went for a drink where Caitlin got to play a pink ukulele.  It really suited her!!

Then it was time for tea at Nandos before heading back to the B&B to play with the train set and watch the X-Factor!!!!!!!

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