We met Fifi….

….at Cheshire Oaks!  It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes of queueing until it was finally our turn to go and hold hands and have a photo taken!!!!!!  And guess what…. BOTH of them ran off scared!!!!!!  Now I expected Caitlin to run away..after all a giant Fifi is still a stranger and strangers aren’t Caitlin’s favourite thing.  But Noah…he’s not afraid of anyone, well normally anyway..but apparently a big Fifi and Bumble are very scary… Here he is running away….

In order to get them anywhere near Fifi I had to go with them meaning I was in the photo…not good!!!!  Although actually if I’d had my eye’s open it would have been a good photo, maybe I can photoshop my eyes in??

Then after the tears and fear of being by Fifi guess what happened?? Yep they both cried because we were going away from Fifi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So we stayed a bit longer on the other side of the barrier…

After that “successful” outing I got some cool t-shirts with mini’s on that they can wear on Sunday and some nice photo’s of them in the flowers beds!

Then I was slightly insanely feeling generous considering my wasted 2hrs on the Fifi saga and I let them go on the rides…


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One response to “We met Fifi….

  1. Vic

    Gosh! I’m glad you all got to meet them in the end, despite the trauma!!

    I’m sorry we didn’t make it. See you soon


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