Baby loves disco!

or do they??  Neither Caitlin or Noah seemed to LOVE disco!  They did dance and run around but didn’t really seem that into the music, but they were very taken with the “organix” table where they got free organix crisps, cereal bars and raisins.  And they loved their flower balloons….

Noah kept following people round and cathcing their crisps as they dropped them….  Everytime we saw him he had more crisps!

There were prizes for the best dancers but no-one we were with was that enthusiastic about the dancing, so no prizes were won!  Although a young boy did give Noah his prize which was some baby leg warmers…pics of those to follow I’m sure!!  Here’s Caitlin swinging her hips…

Inside Urbis was the “family friendly film fest” which as far as we could see was just a room of DVD’s playing and a room where you could make a Plasticine model and film it.  Richard spent quite some time making his model…

And not sure if you can see with this photo of Caitlin the little man even has his own can of beer!!!

Also at Urbis but not sure if it had anything to do with the film festival or baby loves disco was some colouring….  The sign said it was in aid of Blackpool Illuminations but not sure what it had to do with that either???  Look at how much glitter glue is on Caitlin’s!!!!!!!!!  Needless to say it didn’t survive the journey home….

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