Cheezly quiche!

Today we were going to make bread, but when I unpacked my breadmaking machine part of the measuring spoon was missing!  I haven’t got a proper measuring spoon so we had to put that on hold!  So we made cheezly broccoli quiche instead…  Cheezly for people not in the know is a nasty stinky soggy thing that pretends to be cheese!  Its horrible but Caitlin knows no different and is happy to eat it.  She’s never had quiche before since it is made from cheese, cream and milk its a definite no no.  First of all we rolled out our pastry…

Well Noah tried his best at rolling…..  That was the last we saw of him…he obviously thought he’d done his bit!  So Caitlin took over, to brush the pastry with melted soya marg…

We then filled them with the cheezly slop and broccoli as per Vic’s mother-in-law’s instructions!!!!  Thanks Vic’s MIL!  And here is the finished results…. I think they look brilliant!!!!!!!  And they went down well too, Caitlin and Noah both loved them, we’ll definitely be making these again!

With the pastry scraps we made a couple of jam tarts…they also went down well with Noah!!!!!!

But Caitlin licked a bit of jam out then said she didn’t want the rest…

Hopefully we’ll get a spoon set tomorrow and the bread making will resume!!!!!!


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