Last party for a short while….

Yep, we went to another party!!  This time it was Abigail’s 3rd birthday.  Once everyone was there we played pass the parcel, which Caitlin won!!!  Unfortunately we left our prize behind so we’ll have to get it next time we visit!

Then as it is July in England it started to rain!!!!  So we played inside for a bit until it was time for party food.  We had to have an indoor picnic due to the weather…  This was the only picture I managed to get of everyone.

Noah has got such a cheeky grin!  Here he is looking like he’s up to no good..

Then it was time for birthday cake…

After we’d finished the food the rain had stopped so we could go outside!

This house caused a few tense moments!  One little girl at the party is not used to sharing and refused to let anyone in the house just saying it was hers!  Noah is obviously at a very influential age because all the pushing and kicking rubbed off on him and he pushed Abigail out of the house!  There were lots of tears each time someone was pushed or kicked!  Hopefully Noah won’t continue with that!  It was definitely from copying Hannah because he’d seen her kicking on Sunday and joined in, then today he was behaving really nicely until Hannah arrived and the first thing he did to her was pretend to kick her so he must have remembered her doing it!! I’m hoping that because each time he has done it he’s been told off it won’t last.

Here’s a very cute picture of him to finish on to show he wasn’t bad all the time!


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