Another party!

The party week continues…(and this isn’t the last!!)  Today was Hannah’s party, she is 3 so almost the same age as Caitlin.  So we went over to help her to celebrate.  There was a treasure hunt which we won!  We had to find the spot in the garden that was in the picture and there was an egg there….  We got all 6 eggs…  Here’s Caitlin retreiving an egg from the gnome!

And Noah searching out the egg by the frog!

Also in their garden (well next door’s actually, but that where the hunt was!) which I didn’t get a photo of was a tiny door about 15cm tall with tiny steps leading to it!  Their neighbour is an art teacher and he built the tiny door and steps to draw and write a story about.  he never published it but I think he should!  The door belonged to Mr Peabody!

After some party food we had an egg and spoon race, which was a bit chaotic but they enjoyed it!

Notice how Noah is running away and Caitlin is facing the wrong way!!!!!!!!!


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