Jasmine’s party

Today we had another party….so off we set walking!  I’d allowed a bit of extra time as I knew the Ladybarn park festival was on, but last year we went specially for it and we were done in 10mins!!!  This year there was badge making to be done….

Then we had a play on the fire engine…..

Then we saw somw willow weaving.  We still had about 15minutes to spare so we lined up to weave some willow….  45 minutes later!!!!!!!!  We had a lovely willow butterfly!  It was really cool but just took ages.  Caitlin is convinced that it was fairy wings!

We then finally arrived (very late!) at Jasmines party!  (Sorry Jas!)  Where we played lots and of course had birthday cake!  Here is Jas about to blow her candles out!

Then there was presents…..

They were all fascinated by the cd player which had microphones!  We have one too and it is very popular!  Then it was time to eat the cake…or just jelly in Caitlin’s case!  She’s having a bad week with her milk, she had some on Monday and has been complaining of a tummy ache and an itchy mouth ever since!! (Oh and has had many many toilet trips since too!!!!!!!)

Noah made a friend at the party too…. Ester who is almost 9 months old!  Noah was very taken with her and kept hugging and kissing her.  When she was sat on my knee he kept saying “duddle” so Hannah took Ester back and I went to pick Noah up but he wandered off to Hannah, well Ester!!!!!!!!  It was her he wanted a cuddle with!



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2 responses to “Jasmine’s party

  1. aaw looks like so much fun- sorry I missed it all!

  2. Vic

    Thank you for the photos. They are lovely.

    We had a great day, and have nearly finished the leftovers! 🙂

    thank you for coming.

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