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First Aid!

Yesterday was the last day of my first aid for childminders course.  I passed the test with 28 out of 30 and am now “qualified” to deal with any first aid emergency.  I have been practising my bandaging on Caitlin and Noah, and that is now the favourite game!!


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Chester Zoo

Caitlin was very very excited when I said we were going to the zoo and for the first time in her life she asked are we nearly there yet on the way… We went with L and E and saw fish, elephants, deer and more! The only problem with zoo’s is all the photos are just of backs!!!

In that last picture we are waiting for someone to come and retrieve E’s shoe which she dropped in the deer enclosure!! Luckily an attendant was passing and she found a zoo keeper who was willing to go in and get it for us… Good really or E would have had to be pushed around all day and I’m not sure she would have liked that.

Then we cheated and sat them on top of a sign….. Only one penguin was good enough to sit behind the sign for us though!

Then we stopped for a picnic….

After that we cheated and took a photo with a fake animal and some flowers!!!!!!

When I asked Caitlin which bit of the zoo she liked best she said the engines?? I don’t remember seeing any engines, but maybe I missed them!! When I asked which other animals were her favourites she said the snakes! We didn’t actually see any real snakes but we saw these which are a bit similar and she does look like she’s impressed….

Noah’s favourite part seemed to be the very expensive balloons going past (£5 EACH!!!!!!!) and the monorail passing! Every time he looked up and said choo choo!! Oh and he also loved the fact he was free and could run away!!!

Thank you to L for the hula hoop photo and the last one of Noah :-)!!

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Locked out!

When I went to collect Caitlin and Noah from Nanny’s house yesterday this is what I found….

An emergency picnic!!!!  The lock on my Mum and Dads house had stuck and they couldn’t get in!  They had been for a walk in the park and were waiting to see if my key worked in the lock, but I didn’t have my key.  So my Dad had to smash the window to let them in!

Also while at Nanny and Grandad’s they have been down to the river for a walk and to feed the ducks.

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Fathers Day

Sunday was Fathers Day so Caitlin and Noah gave their presents as soon as Richard got up!  The presents were very very boring!  We got him socks and sweets!  Most of his socks have holes so he did need them!  Besides with birthdays and anniversary coming up I’d run out of ideas!!!

Then it was no rest for the wicked!!!!!!  We sent him up to do some more work on the bathroom!  It is so close to finished now, just the gloss paint left to do then we can get some valuations done and hopefully a sale!!
After that we went out for a meal to Chiquitos and for a few drinks… 

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This little piggy went to market….

And so did all the others!!!!

Yesterday we went to Wythenshawe Park. The whole trip was a very strange experience… First of all we went to the swings were we met up with E. The mother next to Caitlin in this picture, and another mother not in shot, had each brought with them a carrier bag with cleaning products and cloths!! Look how unfeasibly clean the slide looks bearing in mind it was a muddy rainy day!!!!!!!!

After a while playing in the park and having our picnic…

We headed over to the “community farm”. This was most definitely THE strangest farm I have ever been to! Aside from the huge number of staff, all either on community service or a few sandwiches short of a picnic, the views of the animals left a lot to be desired!!! As Noah was taking a peek at the pigs……(through the tiny viewing hole)

We were informed by a nice man that these pigs were going to be sausage or bacon barms….Yep this little piggy was most definitely going to market on a one way ticket!! Good job the kids weren’t old enough to get upset by this thought…. Here are Noah and E looking at the animals on the other side, not sure where they were headed..we didn’t ask!

So after spying in the farm, we set off and found ourselves some more free range animals… As you can see from the first picture Noah ate more of his bread than he gave away….

Once the bread ran out we went into the greenhouses where they all ran around and scared us by leaning over the edge of a small bridge to see the fish.

All in all it was an odd outing, with overly protective mothers, doomed animals and lots of “staff”…..

Some of the pics are Lindas again…she takes much better pics than me.  Here is one from the swings which I totally love…. Thanks Linda.

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Fan time!!

Wednesdays is Mini Club night so off we went….  And there we met the Urban Gypsies!!  We haven’t seen them for ages because they have been practising their dancing on Wednesdays!  So here is a shot of Caitlin with her famous friend!!!!!!!!

She looks a bit scared but she was just tired!!

Last night was also the quiz night and me and Richard won!! We even beat someone who was phoning their girlfriend for the answers!! We almost always win the quiz at MC!  Maybe we are the cleverest or maybe its just because we are the oldest!!!!  We won some cookies, then in the raffle we sent Caitlin to chose the prize and she came back with these…..

Its a screwdriver set!!!!  Which she played with for the rest of the night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This morning we’ve been trying on our latest holiday purchases!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe how much Caitlin has grown recently!  She is almost out of her 12-18 month jeans!!!!!!!!!  And she looks so tall next to Noah…..  She also has a swimming costume to match her towel and hat!! So co-ordinated as usual!!

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Whitworth Art Gallery

Somebody recommended Whitworth Art Gallery as a child friendly place to visit so today we went along with L & E.  There was someone filming inside so some of the audio was off and we also got a bit concerned that the kids were making too much noise….  We were also given strict instructions on what we could and could photograph and what we could do with those photos…hope I’m not breaking any rules!!  But given we got told off AGAIN for snapping where we weren’t allowed…this is becoming a common theme when we go places!

Caitlin decided to draw one of the sculptures, first she checked her drawing was accurate and then went over to do the pose herself so she could really be at one with it!!!

I’m pretty sure the pic with the sculpture in it isn’t allowed but hey I only have 5 readers and none of them are going to report me!!! (I hope!)

After that there was more drawing to be done….

Then we went to the dressing up area where they have outfits from around the world….  Caitlin was from China, Noah from Mexico and E was from Urbeskistan (I hope I’ve spelt that right!)

Then after a picnic lunch Caitlin played in the tipi….

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