Chester Zoo

Caitlin was very very excited when I said we were going to the zoo and for the first time in her life she asked are we nearly there yet on the way… We went with L and E and saw fish, elephants, deer and more! The only problem with zoo’s is all the photos are just of backs!!!

In that last picture we are waiting for someone to come and retrieve E’s shoe which she dropped in the deer enclosure!! Luckily an attendant was passing and she found a zoo keeper who was willing to go in and get it for us… Good really or E would have had to be pushed around all day and I’m not sure she would have liked that.

Then we cheated and sat them on top of a sign….. Only one penguin was good enough to sit behind the sign for us though!

Then we stopped for a picnic….

After that we cheated and took a photo with a fake animal and some flowers!!!!!!

When I asked Caitlin which bit of the zoo she liked best she said the engines?? I don’t remember seeing any engines, but maybe I missed them!! When I asked which other animals were her favourites she said the snakes! We didn’t actually see any real snakes but we saw these which are a bit similar and she does look like she’s impressed….

Noah’s favourite part seemed to be the very expensive balloons going past (£5 EACH!!!!!!!) and the monorail passing! Every time he looked up and said choo choo!! Oh and he also loved the fact he was free and could run away!!!

Thank you to L for the hula hoop photo and the last one of Noah :-)!!

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