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Caitlin and the Queen

The last few days Caitlin and Noah have been with Nanny while I had to work!!  They have been to arts and crafts at the library, for walks in the park and today they went to town to see the Queen who was supposed to be visiting!!  Unfortunately they didn’t get to see the queen so they then went to a lake, but that had had the water drained out of it, so then they went to some caves.  They had lots of fun even if it didn’t all go according to plan.  No photos I’m afraid as they were with Nanny….

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I GOT IT!!!!!!

I have just been told I am definately getting made redundant!!!!!!  My finish date is June 30th which is fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This means I’ll get paid loads to quit my job which I was considering anyway and it means we can afford the house we really like so long as we can sell ours!

Just need that bathroom finished now!!!!!!!!!!  Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yesterday we went shopping with Nanny and Amy, looking for swimming costumes to take on holiday!! Noah has virtually outgrown his before we even got it packed for last years holiday so he definitely needs a new one. Caitlin has had the same one all her life and it still fits, but Nanny insisted she needed a new one! So we chose a sun suit for Noah…but they didn’t have his size and a tankini set for Caitlin but surprise surprise they didn’t have her size either! So we have to go back again.

We went to the Trafford Centre and went to the new extension but a lot of things were still not finished, but it was still good. Here is Noah by the fountain …

Yesterday I was on my childminding course, which is going well, although I think the others think I am a swot since I got 9 out of 9 on the test and others only got around 5 out of 9…. Some of mine was down to luck since the questions are quite ambiguous.

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1st day at work

Today was Richards first day at his new job. It went well, he got a laptop and a full week of meetings and training sessions! There’s hardly any people compared to his last job and no canteen…home made packed lunch here he comes!! He thinks he should be on some shifts in 2 weeks time, so hopefully that will coincide with days I don’t have off and also with the week his Mum is visiting to help out so they can go out somewhere nice together.

Yesterday we also saw some of the Manchester run…and we saw Sponge Bob Squarepants running!!!

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My big collection of cars

I couldn’t have found a more appropriate t-shirt!!

We do have rather a large collection of cars!!! We have the 6 and a half minis (obviously) but also we have a Megane and a Peugeot!! Some people may even say we are “white trash”!!!! When someone said that to us I wasn’t at all offended I found it quite funny, we are just lucky that we are both happy to have cars (be them whole or in bits) in all of our garden photos!!

Today I’ve been shopping at Cheshire Oaks and it is a miracle Caitlin has finally out grown the boots I bought her last August! So she got new trainers, in a whole size bigger which means that although Noah has grown half a size she is now 1 size bigger than him (for the moment…) We also got cool sunglasses which have flower stems for the arms….

Yesterday while I was at work Richard, Caitlin and Noah had a picnic and watered the garden…..

And earlier in the week Caitlin washed her bike! Our friend Spam would be proud!!!

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Last night I went to see the bodyworld exhibition it was brilliant.  I could have spent a lot more time there, its an exhibition about plasticised bodies showing them whole and also just parts of the body.  I have been waiting to see this since before Caitlin was born but Richard is too squeamish to go!  I eventually found some people to go with and we had a great time, well apart from Linda who tried not to think about it too much!!  Afterwards we went to Wagamamas for a little birthday celebration for Linda.

No photos cos photography wasn’t allowed….

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A weekend away from DIY

On Friday we set off for a weekend away with Manchester Minis. Its a bit of a tradition to go to Anglesey around this time each year. We missed last year as they were going in March and as Noah would have only been a few weeks old we couldn’t go. We were back this year though and it was great!!

On the drive down Pauls car broke down, but after much alternator swapping he eventually got it running again. He thought the alternator was broken but it turned out to be the warning bulb shorting on his new dash board.

The house we stay in is a very remote old house with lovely big rooms and a huge dining table for everyone to gather around. So far we’ve stayed in the same house for the past 3 years and its great. Here is the view from the driveway and also a pic of the minis parked outside (that was the view from our bedroom)

When we got to the house there was a chippy tea and lots of drinking and pool playing… and some dancing!!!

On the Saturday we went out for a drive along the narrow roads of Anglesey, then on to the toboggan run in Llandudno.

The toboggan run reminded me of my school days as we used to go there most weekends and also for our skiing lessons. Bob, Chris and Ed the 3 people from the top of the toboggan picture weren’t happy as their planned speedy trip down was hindered by a young lad who had his brakes on the whole way down, meant I got a good pic with the three of them on though!!!

On the Saturday night we celebrated Acids birthday… We got him 2 cakes an acid face t-shirt and a beer hat!!!

Here are the minis and Benny the pikey Pug parked up in Holyhead…

The highlight of the weekend came on Sunday though!! I was so gutted that Elvis is broken and so we were in Pikey Peugeot…. We went to the go-karting track and some people went karting. After they finished Lee asked if we could take the minis on the track and they said yes! So everyone with a mini got to drive around it. It looked brilliant, I’ve never seen minis looking so big!!! Heres a link (to follow when its finished uploading) to them going around and a photo too!

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