We needed some shopping in town so we met up with E to have a play in Urbis once we were done.

On the first floor was fashion by a designer neither of us had heard of…  Obviously someone important because Linda got told off for using her flash on her camera as it damages the dresses!!!!!!!!  Its a very good job they didn’t see Noah run along side the catwalk display batting the bottom of each dress as he went along!!!!  Far more risky than a flash, although his hands were clean!!

Caitlin and E had a dance to the catwalk music and then we went downstairs away from the very expensive and delicate dresses before we had a disaster….

Downstairs was a gardening exhibition where Caitlin smelt some flowers while Noah climbed the stairs taking great care not to knock the display flowers off!!!!!!!

There was also a dressing up shed which they all spent ages in!

Before getting creative…  First they coloured butterflies in, then they coloured owl and bat masks, well Caitlin didn’t do much colouring she concentrated on putting glue all over hers not that she stuck anything on!!!!  Then Caitlin coloured a plant pot and planted some runner beans.  Hopefully they will survive better than the sunflowers which we discovered yesterday have been mostly eaten!!!!!!


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