Today we went to see E,  we had a great time playing and reading.  Noah also got his birthday present which was a fantastic car puzzle and a car transporter.

L made us some spaghetti bolognese for dinner which was very nice and both Caitlin and Noah polished off huge portions!  After that E had made some cookies which had milk in (they weren’t initially for Caitlin but we are supposed to test her with milk occasionally) but she had one.  So far so good, she hasn’t reacted!  They didn’t have much milk in but even so its a very good sign.

Here’s E making her cookies …… (I pinched the photo – and all of the other ones below – from L at Chronicles of Squidgy Boo (link on the right), so Thank you L!!)

Here they are playing…. L’s camera is so so clear and her timing is always really good too, look at this pic of Caitlin it is amazing, I love it!!

And she also managed to get them both looking at the camera, always a tough task…


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